Parenting Newsletter

Welcome to the Little Kulture newsletter by me, Sheeba Manish. This newsletter is about parenting. The newsletter will contain both parental resources and parental experiences.

In its previous avatar, it used to be a website in which I quite foolishly thought I could dispense wise things about parenting. I wrote a lot of posts about great books that kids of different age groups could read and other parenting resources. The truth though was that I couldn’t write as much because of parenting…

I especially got into parenting starry-eyed. One assumes one can outsource some help, get back to work, and manage your child because they are of your own flesh and blood. Ha!!!

15 years, two daughters, and a miscarriage later I have come out of denial, and I understand that being real about parenting is the way to go forward. We all have our parenting stories, the joy, the agony, and the exhaustion that involves parenting. The one that runs common through the parenting stories is that parents try very hard to provide a good life for their children in the way that they know best.

I hope to provide more intimate accounts of parenting that I have found impossible to share on the website.

My definition of a parent is someone who gives care and support to a child. Birth parents, foster parents, grandparents, adopted parents, elder siblings all parent and their experiences mean a lot. I hope the content resonates with you dear reader and you find it useful as you move along your parenting journey.

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